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Sponsor eligible patients by assisting their families that are going through difficulties due to illnesses like cancer, stroke, Covid, etc., grief or job loss. We are collaborating with social workers and chaplains at hospitals, cancer centers, and other medical & grief support facilities that cater to the needs of the sick, the elderly, those who are grieving, and people in crisis in determining our neediest and most eligible recipients. 2022 marks our 4th year in doing this project. We provide support locally as well as other parts of the world where we have volunteers, including the Philippines.


We also provide supportive services throughout the year in terms of grocery gift cards, gas subsidies especially for cancer patients that need to travel to their cancer treatment appointments daily or weekly, memorial fund donations, and medical financial aid assistance.  

For 2023: A Thanksgiving or Christmas meal for a family of four (4) costs at least $150, but ANY AMOUNT will be greatly appreciated. Monetary donations in any amount or Save Mart grocery gift card donations are acceptable. The donations are given directly to patients in the form of Save Mart grocery gifts or actual pre-cooked meal packages ordered from Save Mart or free grocery boxes from our local churches. A big "thank you" to Save Mart & New Life Christian Center in Turlock, CA for sponsoring Project: Giving Hearts since 2019, as well as our local business partners. We are hoping more businesses and social media influencers will take part in our project this year and spread the word about this worthy cause.


All donations (monetary or grocery gift card value) are tax-deductible. For our Federal Tax ID number, click here

Ways to give:

SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook/Instagram)

  • Donate through our official Facebook Page - you will instantaneously receive a receipt. What's nice about FB is that FB does not charge any transaction fees. 100% will be donated to the Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries. 

  • Create a fundraiser on Instagram and/or Facebook and choose "Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries) with our purple heart logo

  • Or go to our FB Page and click the tab for our existing Fundraisers


  • Cash or SaveMart grocery gift card (any amount) mailed to:    P.O. Box 1305, Turlock, CA 95381

  • Venmo: @Heart_of_Ruth_Ministries

  • PayPal:

  • Zelle:

  • Check: Make out to “Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries” mailed to P.O. Box 1305, Turlock, CA 95381

  • Online (link below)

2022 In Memory of Angelica Caballero

A Friend, Supporter & Woman of Faith


2021 In Memory of Esther Theis

A Friend, Supporter & Woman of Faith

Esther Theis
2019 & 2020: Project Thankful/Giving Hearts was a great success!
Volunteers Packing Food

Thank you for supporting Project Thankful Hearts!


Thank you to all volunteers, friends and community partners for participating in this year's "Project Thankful Hearts," which aimed to provide free Thanksgiving meals to selected cancer patients in need. With your compassion and generosity, we were able to provide twenty (20) complete Thanksgiving meals to deserving families. For privacy protection, we will not post actual photos or share names to protect but here are some of the quotes from select recipients. Thank you for making a difference. May God bless you more.

Quotes from recipients:

"Blessed Thanksgiving to you and family. Just letting you know that the dinner that you donated turned out great, I shared it not just with my good neighbor and cooked it in her home together, but we shared it also with 3 homeless men in need of food. They were really chowing down on it by the time we got back to our car. We were blessed so we shared our blessings with others. So, thank you and Thank You LORD God ALMIGHTY."

"Yes, we did have a great Thanksgiving and we want to thank you all. The last 2 years have been very hard on my family. 2 years ago on Mother's Day my oldest son was in a horrible motorcycle accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. He was in a coma for 4 weeks and had 5 brain surgeries and not expected to live. But through God, we were given a miracle. My son pulled through it all and today he is walking and has even started driving a car. He still has problems but he' s alive and thriving. He tries to keep us all looking for the positive side. And then last year we learned of my daughter's cancer. Again, God has granted us another miracle. She has shown us how strong she is. She's still going through treatments but has been feeling so well that i have a hard time keeping up with her. Recently, I broke my foot but I am still so thankful for them both. They have taught me a lot. I know this is long but wanted you to know just how much we appreciated your gift. We were all able to be together and had a wonderful happy time with a lot of beautiful memories. My family and I thank you all so very much. (Thanksgiving picture attached.)"

"I want to thank you very much for everything that you have done for our family. May God bless you for this Thanksgiving."

"Thank you for the Thanksgiving dinner, so very nice of you and your group for thinking of me. I appreciate it very much."

"We want to thank the donors for the Thanksgiving dinner, we sure did appreciate it. We had a great Thanksgiving. Thank you all!"

"It was really good, I appreciate all the donors for what they have done to our family. God bless you all."

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