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The Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries Board of Directors, from left: Jim Silva, Treasurer; Director of Finance & Operations; Christina Santos, Founder/Missionary; President/CEO; and Ysabella Santos, Secretary, Director of Nursing. Below is LuLu, our emotional support therapy dog.


The Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries is an independent faith-based, fully accredited 501c3 non-profit ministry that supports the sick, elderly, people in crisis and those who grieve through prayer, healing, care, compassion, discipleship and mentoring services locally, abroad, online through social media and virtual multimedia channels. Our ministry work was inspired by the Book of Ruth in the Bible and a vibrant woman of God, Mama Ruth, our founder, Christina Santos-Silva's late mother, who not only boldly shared about the Gospel, but someone who has shown care and compassion by providing assistance to her loved ones at home and ministering to others with her wise counsel. In her own special way, she has mentored many people and invested her time in uplifting them when they were going through tough situations in life. Our founder received her special calling and mission for the sick, elderly and people in crisis while grieving the sudden loss of her mother in 2016. The ministry was softly launched in Manila, Philippines in May 2018 after fulfilling her medical mission; the ministry was named the Heart of Ruth in August 2019; and it received full accreditation from the U.S. federal government and the State of California in August 2020, at the height of the pandemic. 


The services offered by the Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries to elderly and sick individuals are as follows:


  • Prayer and healing ministry

  • Clinical pastoral care/healthcare chaplaincy

  • Emotional support groups/counseling 

  • Grief support/counseling 

  • Care and compassion ministry through volunteerism at hospitals, hospices, health centers & retirement homes

  • Outreach via Heart-to-Heart video testimonials, mentoring and discipleship 

  • Educational life coaching via faith-based small groups & life groups based on illness or adversity

  • Strategic partnership with fellow faith ministries and missionaries, as well as local organizations

  • Special projects and fundraising for missions locally and abroad that support the elderly and the sick


We employ the 5 languages of love in our Prayer & Healing, Care & Compassion, Discipleship & Outreach ministries in sharing more good and love to our focus individuals. 


The Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries provides non-medical supportive services to those who are sick, elderly and dying, physically, emotionally or spiritually --performing the duties of a hospital chaplain, social worker, psychotherapist, emotional & spiritual healer, ambassador and discipler for Christ.


While services are delivered in person or via phone, the Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries is a pioneer and innovator in the way missionaries fulfill their calling and how to provide spiritual care and emotional support-- via digital-based groups, social messaging and virtual channels. In-person volunteer services at cancer centers, hospitals, hospices, and retirement homes have also been rendered. 

The Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries is an independent, self-funded, self-sufficient ministry. It derives its support through prayers, encouragement, partnerships, in-kind donations and love offerings from family, friends, community partners, and the caring public to execute day-to-day services. It is affiliated with Good Love Macarons to help raise funds for special projects. 


Coming soon: The Heart of Ruth Home Health Services, a separate company: Customized affordable home health services by providing the following care and compassionate assistance in the comfort of someone’s home:


  • Free consultation & assessment to help develop a customized elder care plan, weekly schedule and affordable in-home care estimate.

  • As needed, provide assistance in completing and submitting the necessary application forms for a qualified individual’s in-home supportive services grant approval

  • Non-medical assistance: supporting a person’s daily needs inside the home (light housekeeping, grooming, weekly chores, helping administer daily prescribed medications; companionship, social interactions, reading & nurturing conversations)

  • On-demand caregiving

  • Nutrition support, healthy cooking and education

  • In-home physical therapy/exercises 

  • Built-in emotional and spiritual care & counseling from our volunteer chaplains

  • Reliable transportation services to and from appointments and faith-based events and services


​Net proceeds from Good Love Macarons directly support services provided by the Heart of Ruth Supportive Ministries. Net proceeds from marketing and digital projects delivered by Turning Point Strategies directly support this ministry as well.

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