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The Heart of Ruth is a fully accredited 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Click here to donate.

Touching lives one heart at a time.

Support our mission
  • Prayer and healing 

  • Healthcare chaplaincy 

  • Emotional support groups/counseling 

  • Grief support/counseling

  • Care & compassion through volunteering at hospitals, hospices, grief support centers & retirement homes

  • Outreach, mentoring and discipleship (one-on-one, life groups & Facebook Groups)

  • Strategic partnerships with faith ministries & other missionaries

  • Special charitable projects & fundraising for missions locally & abroad

Provide hope and encouragement by giving your time or financial support to our supportive ministries.  Your gift of time & resources go to our care and compassion and discipleship ministries. Reach the sick, elderly and people in crisis locally and across the globe. We partner with our fundraising arm, Good Love Macarons, in helping us generate funds for our projects.

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